Jewellery Care

Jewellery Care

Over time, all metal will tarnish or have build up on the surface.  With the proper care and prevention, your jewellery will shine for years to come.

Here are some general tips:

  • When not worn, store your jewellery away.
  • Remove jewellery before showering and especially before going in a pool or bath. Chlorine will discolour Sterling Silver and Gold plated jewellery.
  • Avoid the jewellery coming in contact with lotions, sunscreen, or perfumes.  Some ingredients in these products may react chemically with the surface of the jewellery and rapidly cause tarnish.
  • Rinse jewellery in warm water and wipe with a clean, with an untreated cloth. A jeweller's polishing cloth can be used to shine your jewellery, Silver or Gold.



Our 925 sterling silver is very easy to clean.  You can use your regular household silver cleaner or jeweller's cloth to clean the surface.  Additionally, simply washing with warm water and soap will do wonders.  We've also had success using baking soda in warm water and an old toothbrush to gently remove any build up on chains or difficult to clean surfaces.

  • Sterling silver is very susceptible to tarnish when coming in contact with chlorine, bleach, sunscreen or some lotions and perfumes.  Remove jewellery whenever possible when using these products or going in a pool or bath



All rings, earrings, and birthstone bezels that are 18k Vermeil Gold.

Gold vermeil is a layer of 18k gold over 925 sterling silver and requires a little special care and attention. Always remove your gold vermeil jewellery when applying perfumes, lotions or cleansers. Never wear your gold vermeil jewellery in the shower or when swimming. Chlorine or Bleach especially at high temperatures, can permanently damage or discolour your gold vermeil jewellery. Gently clean your gold vermeil jewellery with a soft polishing cloth. Store vermeil jewellery away when not wearing.

  • Vermeil  Gold plating will inevitably wear off over time from general wear and tear.